How to contact me

Currently, I'm living in Rostock where I'm studying physics, doing the work for a diploma in physics (which is approximately equivalent to a master with thesis). Part of this work is done at the ALOMAR research station in Northern Norway.

So the easiest way to get in touch with me is to send me an email. My main email address is
All email to this address is forwarded to whereever I am at the time. If you want to send me sensitive information, please use PGP/GPG encryption. You can download my public key here.

If you still want to contact me by "snail" mail or you want to send something to me, please use the postal address in Bad Doberan.

Here are my postal addresses:

in Bad Doberan (default) at my institute at ALOMAR
(during campaigns)
Armin Schöch
Am Hasenberg 26
D-18209 Bad Doberan
Armin Schöch
Leibniz-Institut für Atmosphärenphysik
Schlossstraße 6
D-18225 Kühlungsborn
Armin Schöch
c/o Andøya Rakettskytefelt
N-8480 Andenes
Tel. ++49-(0)38203-42 137
cellular/mobile phone: ++49-(0)172-81 69 059
Tel. ++49-(0)38293-68-102
Fax ++49-(0)38293-68-50
Tel. ++47-76 14 45 07
Fax ++47-76 14 19 29