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Here I would like to give you a short introduction to myself. Don't expect it to be a complete story, I simply want to present some experiences. Probably this page will grow as time goes by. Every now and then I will add some more paragraphs and more pictures so check back if you want to learn more about me.

I was born on 5th September 1975 in Ulm in the state of Baden-Württember in Southern Germany as the oldest of three brothers and one sister.

This picture shows my brothers and me, when we were cute little boys. Now we all have grown up and are studying (how time goes by...) Admittedly, this picture gives the wrong impression of never ending harmony. Instead, there was nothing more interesting for the three of us than to argue and fight whenever there was the slightest reason for it :-) Fortunately, we grew older and wiser and now we get around very good ! We have very different field of interests but we also enjoy being together and talking about many different things, thus joining different opinions.

Concerning school, I didn't experience a lot of differences. Sure, the style change through the years but I stayed at the same school all the 12 years it took me to finish junior highschool. So the setting and the people remained alike. This place was the Waldorfschule (Steiner school) in Ulm where I finished in summer 1994.

When I was a child, my parents took us to the Alps to go hiking quite often for a while. This is somehow still influencing me because I like hiking and going for a summit. This picture is taken on top of the Blåmannen, a 1044m high mountain near Tromsø in Northern Norway. This mountain is on Kvaløya, the Whale Island, and in the background, you can see the Kaldfjord, one of the thousands of fjords in Norway.

This picture of my grandmother and me is taken in the garden at my parents place. In the background, one of our apple trees is flowering. My grandmother is 88 years old now and she enjoys very much to see her nine grandchildren grow up and find their interests and places in life.

This picture is taken in the kitchen of the student hostel where I lived during my stay as a student in Tromsø. The student hostel consists of many neat little wooden houses, painted red and yellow, where three students share a bathroom and six students share a kitchen. I like cooking a lot especially when there are more than one person. So the accomodation suited me fine. There were many foreign but also some Norwegian students in the student hostel and we often gathered to have dinner together or to enjoy fresh baked waffles (a typical Norwegian dessert). There's just one drawback when cooking, you have to clean the dishes afterwards :-) But being more than one person in the kitchen this didn't take too much time and afterwards we could sit together around the table and talk and make plans for the next day.

In 8th grade, I underwent the "Confirmation" ritual of the protestant church. The picture was taken at the dinner table with my godmother Renate and my godfather Enno sitting beside me. But I have to confess, I haven't been at church very often ever since. As for the truth of the Bible, I like what my religion teacher in school told us: Science tells you how the universe came into existence, the Bible tells you why.

Believe it or not. That's me ! But you won't see me very often in this outfit. The picture is taken during the performance of our theatre piece "The Process Jesu" at the beginning of the 12th grade. At the Waldorfschool, every class performs a theatre piece at the end of 8th grade and in 12th grade.

In grade 8, my class performed an adapted "Parsival" which was chosen by our class teacher. In grade 12, we had chosen "La folle de Chaillot" by Jean Giraudoux. After one day of training on the stage, the class decided that they want to play another piece. That's how we ended up with "The Process Jesu", which consists mostly of dialogues and monologues with very little action on stage.

One of my hobbies is to build model airplanes. I started around 4th grade when my godfather gave my first kit to me as a birthday present. It was a small soaring plane with a stick as a fuselage and a wingspan of 1.2m (approx. 4ft) and it had to be started with a long rope 'cause there's no suitable hill around my house.

Later, I joined the youth group of a model airplane club and started building a plane from scratch with plans copied from a friend. This was supposed to be powered by an electric motor but I didn't invest enough thoughts and time to make it really fly well.

The latest project is the one you see below. I spent a lot of time building it very carefully. The work was finished three years ago but ever since I was quite busy with my studies and thus I have never tested the model in the air. Until now it has just been presented as is (on the safe earth).

This latest one (and biggest) is a biplane. I build it from a kit I purchased in Salt Lake City when travelling with to friends some years ago.

Another reason beside my studies might be that I was never very lucky with my planes. The just didn't want to stay in the air; instead they approach the ground after a very short time (and most often with much too high landing speed). So up to date, all my "active" models had a rather but flight time to workshop time ratio. Anyway, I haven't given up becoming a good pilot and hopefully after having finished my studies I can work on this challenge.

That's all up to now. After school, I went as an au-pair boy to Northern Norway. Click here if you want to know more about a typical day as au-pair.

Then I began to study Physics at the University. And at the moment, I'm doing my master thesis ("Diplomarbeit") which I will finish in summer. Click here to learn more about the places of my studies.

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