Through the snow to ALOMAR (or not)...

This is the description of a little adventure in the Norwegian winter. Read and be happy that you don´t have to work here !

"Dear colleagues,

after a smooth voyage without any troubles, I arrived yesterday evening at Andenes airport in thick snow drift. Punctually for my arrival, the good weather had left and wind and snow had come. The temperature is 0 to -5 degrees (pretty warm compared to Kühlungsborn :-) but the weather is much more ugly with the wind and snow/rain combination.

Around noon, I tried to get up to ALOMAR. When I woke up, it looked nice with only a little rain down at the range and not much wind. But until I started my way up, the wind was getting stronger and it was more snow in the air. Driving with the car from the Rocketrange to the ALOMAR road was no problem. When I started walking up to ALOMAR there was 15cm of wet snow on the road. Seemed to be no problem although I already saw that there was fog/snow cloud further up the road. The higher I got, the more snow was on the road. First only in small heaps where the wind was depositing it, later the whole road was covered by about 50cm of heavy wet snow. I still thought I could make it and that it just would cost some time to get up. But around halfway up, the wind got stronger, the snow thicker and the visibility approached 0.

Not far from the last part where there is the protection rail beside the road, I had to turn. The wind gusts were very strong and I could not see much. In addition, it got very hard to walk in the thick wet snow. I simply didn't dare to continue further up. The way down was no problem; just the wind blowing ice crystals in my face was annoying. Down at the car, my jacket was pretty wet and I was tired and glad to be back down.

From now on, I will work at the range until the weather gets better or the road freed from the snow on monday. Although I had my mobile with me, I think we should introduce the custom in winter to notice someone before starting for the way up to ALOMAR; at least if the weather is not very nice. He could call for help if we don't arrive up at ALOMAR or back down in a certain amount of time.

Waiting for more adventures and better weather...

Best regards,