(Last update 16th September 2003)

16.09.2003 My second last weekend I used to visit the "Yad Yashem" Holocaust Memorial on the outskirts of Jerusalem and the city of Akko in the north of Israel. As usual, I took some new pictures which you can see in the picture gallery. I also wrote another summary of my experiences which you are invited to read.
09.09.2003 Last weekend I took a trip to the North of Israel with two fellow trainees and a rental car. We visited Tiberias at the Sea of Galilee (German: See Genezareth), the Golan Heights, Banias National Park, Zefat/Safed, Rosh HaNiqra and Nazareth. These new pictures are already online. If you like, you can read about all my experiences and impressions during the last two weeks.
25.08.2003 This weekend I have been in Jerusalem and at the Dead Sea on the eastern border of Israel. Both places were very impressing and I took a lot of pictures. You can read about this trip and my general impression after staying for two weeks in Israel in the second part of my report about my traineehip.
17.08.2003 Five days ago I arrived at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport in Israel for a six week IAESTE traineeship at the Fleischmann Engineering Faculty, Department of Physical Electronics, of the Tel Aviv University. My first weekend I spend in the city center of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, the old harbour south of Tel Aviv. My first experiences are summed up in an email to my friends. You may also want to have a look at the first pictures from Tel Aviv.
19.07.2003 More pictures added of the ALOMAR observatory building and its surroundings.
17.07.2003 Since sunday, 13th July, I'm again at the ALOMAR observatory to take measurements of noctilucent clouds (NLCs) and gravity waves for my Ph.D. thesis. It took me some days to get used to working night shifts but you can't call it "night" anyway as the midnight sun is still shining up here. Have a look at some pictures to get an impression how it looks here at the moment.
26.01.2003 Today it´s quite calm. There is some wind but not much and no snow. The cloud cover is higher up and opens slowly. While eating lunch, I saw two white-tailed eagles circling above the station and took a picture. In the evening, I finally managed to take some pictures of the famous northern lights aka "Aurora Borealis" (German: Nordlicht, Norwegian: nordlys).
24.01.2003 These days we have pretty strong winds reaching up to 130 km/h in the gusts which is really stormy. The wind howls around the observatory and the windows are vibrating when the gusts hit them. Now we have to watch out for the doors and dig them out regularly to avoid being trapped...
22.01.2003 Today it has been snowing and blowing the whole afternoon and night. I went down from the mountain in the afternoon when the road was still pretty walkable. After a shower at the range, dinner and shopping, I walked up to the observatory around midnight again. Although "walking" is not the right term; it was more like "wading through the snow" which was up to 70cm deep. It took me nearly 1,5 hours for the 2,5km to the station and it was only possible because it was not blowing much. There was light snowfall and sometimes even a whole in the clouds where I could see the stars and a faint northern lights.
When I came to the observatory, I first had to dig out the door because the snow "dune" was about to close the door fully. You can guess that I was pretty happy when I got in the warm observatory and could relax :-)
17.01.2003 One week has passed and I have done some major software upgrades of our control-PCs. Unfortunately, it´s still snowing alot and often it´s very windy. I took some pictures to give you an impression about the scenery outside the observatory.
11.01.2003 The road up the hill to the observatory is full of snow. So I tried to walk up by foot to start working. About halfways up, I have to surrender and return down to the Rocketrange where I'm staying. Here you can read the whole story.
10.01.2003 Today, I arrived once again at the ALOMAR observatory in Northern Norway to make new measurements and improve our instrument. The weather is pretty bad and I'm foreseeing special experiences/adventures ahead because of it.