ALOMAR pictures summer 2003

the following pictures were all taken in July 2003 at Andøya in the Vesterålen region of Northern Norway. As every summer, I spent some time on the ALOMAR research station to take measurements for my Ph.D. thesis.

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This year there are a lot of hares running around the observatory. This one is middle size but there are small, medium and big ones passing by.

Taken around midnight, this picture shows the midnight sun hidden behind some clouds. The mountain on the left side is about 800m high and called "Røyken" which means "The smoke" because its summit is often covered by clouds.

The small town of Andenes is located about 7km north-east of the ALOMAR station. The houses are lit by the midnight sun and towards the left of the city, you can see the red lighthouse tower.

This view was taken from the roof of the station towards the south-east. The low sun gives a very special light and color to the mountains. In the foreground down between the lakes you can see one of our radar fields to the right of the yellow houses (it's the old MF radar).

Again taken from the roof, this shows the sharp mountain crest dividing the Island of Andø. The open sea is to the right and the Andøy Fjord to the left of this barrier.

A night later, the sky was nearly perfectly clean and I took this picture of the midnight sun without any obscuring clouds.

The following pictures have been taken in the afternoon around 4:30pm local time. This one is the view towards the North-East with the city of Andenes in the background and the "Duck head" (Norwegian: "Andhue") mountain. On the right upper corner you can see some mountains on the Senja island hidden in the haze.

This is "Røyken" again with the blue Northern Atlantic in the background.

Towards the South-East, you can see the planes of the Andøa island turf moors which are covering a large part of the island and are exploited by a local company.

This is the ALOMAR observatory where our instruments are located and I'm working. It's located on the 400m high "Ramnan" mountain at 69.3° North.

Another view from a bit below showing the special octagonal architecture reminding the bridge of a large ship.

"Røyken" mountain again with a beautiful sand beach and turquoise waters below reminding the Caribbean. Just there are no palm trees and the water temperature is reaching 12-13 centigrades only.

Looking south-west, one can see the fishing village of Bleik with a small island homing thousands of birds in the background. Then there´s a lot of water and somewhere behind you will find Greenland.

Yet another animal seen quite often around here. Sheep are running free all the summer and are collected by the farmes in autumn only.

Another view of the observatory with the airport of Andenes close to the sea and the mountains of Senja island in the haze. The white instrument on the left side of the roof is a Brewer spectrometer measuring total ozone column density. On the little tower you can see the weather station and the glass dome of the all-sky camera.

This is the Oksebåsen bay where the Andøya Rocketrange is located west of the town of Andenes.

There´s a very nice and sandy beach...

...unfortunately, the water is not that warm even if they colors might remind you of the Carribbean Sea.

Looking east, you can see the slope of the Andhue mountain and in the background the first houses of Andenes.

Even though it is far north, during the summer there are a lot of colourful flowers all around.

The "Gammel Lidarbygg" is the old lidar building where the lidars where located before the nice ALOMAR observatory was built.

The Andøya Rocketrange is located right below the "Røyken" mountain. The big building in the foreground is the "Booster Bay" hotel where we usually stay during our travels to ALOMAR.