Northern Lights pictures

All pictures were taken in Northern Norway with a Olympus C4000Z 4-megapixel digital camera (if not marked specially). Some of the images are digitally improved by adjusting contrast and intensity.

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The northern lights ("Aurora Borealis") are a very special phenomenon that is mostly restricted to a belt above Northern Scandinavia but it can occasionally be seen as far south as Roma and Sicily.

The northern lights are caused by the solar wind (charged particles coming from the sun) hitting air molecules in the atmosphere at heights between 100km and 400km. The colour depends on the energy of the incoming particles and which molecules they hit.

Unfortunately these pictures cannot catch the constant changing of the northern lights on the sky. You have to imagine that it´s always changing form, character and colour.

There are many different ways the northern lights might look. Just enjoy the pictures to get an (uncomplete) impression.


This picture was taken by a friend of mine (Silke Werth) in Northern Norway.