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Here you find links to all the places I studied physics once. If you have special questions about these places, please feel free to ask me (send me an email).

Logo Uni Ulm I started my studies in Fall '95 at the University of Ulm / Germany where I got a "Vordiplom" in Physics in summer '97.
Ulm is my hometown. My parents live in a small place 10km from Ulm, I grew up there, went to school in Ulm and as Ulm has a university which offers studies of Physics, it was natural to start there. But after 4 semesters, it was time to leave home and have a look at the big world !
Logo Uni Tromsø In Fall '97 and Spring '98, I studied at the University of Tromsø in Northern Norway. This is the world's northernmost university. Still it offers nearly all majors and the 6500 students like the special atmosphere at a university which is situated in the Arctic. Du to its geographic location at 69° North most faculties specialize in arctic subjects like Polar Lights, Artic animals, culture of the saami people, ...
Logo UNIS In Fall '98, I studied at UNIS (University Courses on Svalbard. Svalbard is the Norwegian name for Spitzbergen. On this island at 78° North you have to carry a gun each time you go out of town on a walk because you might step on a polar bear.
Logo Uni Rostock Since april 1999 I'm a student at the University of Rostock which is the oldest one I ever was student at. First time it was founded was back in 1419 and since then it has experienced a lot. Today, 10 years after the reunion of Germany, it is a growing university with a very good studying atmosphere because there are only few students enrolled in physics at the moment.
Rostock is an old Hanse City and nowadays there are quite many tourists coming to Rostock so visit the city and to go to Warnemünde, the former fishing village on the shore of the Baltic Sea.
The reason why I'm studying here is the "Institute for Atmospheric Physics" in Kühlungsborn near Rostock where I want to write my master thesis ("Diplomarbeit").
Logo IAP In July 2000, I started with my diploma work at the Leibniz-Institute for Atmospheric Physics in Kühlungsborn, a seaside resort 30km west of Rostock.
I'm working with a big lidar system situated at the ALOMAR research station in Northern Norway which is used to study NLCs (Noctilucent Clouds) in summer and PSCs (Polar Stratospheric Clouds) in winter and for temperature profiling of the middle atmosphere (from 15 to 90km height).